Preparation & Integration

For your experience
with Entheogen

What is Entheogen Assisted-Coaching?
it is a way of maximizing the efficacy of your experience with natural Entheogen. The way to prepare your mind for receiving as much as possible from your future experience by setting up the correct intentions and to cultivate the right psychological mindset.
Very often in the ceremony, you have realizations about life, but with that insight, things don't resolve. You have to put it in practice.
I will help you to take that new information gained and grounding it into your everyday life.
How does
it help?
I will deeper your experience and journey further into personal understanding. For this purpose, I suggest sessions that would be divided into preparationt work and post-integration guidance.

Preparationt sessions will explore what you are seeking to gain from the experience and work on the intention you wish to carry into the ceremony.

Post-integration sessions will be looking at the insights you have gained. Entheogen can open the unconscious which for many of us has been locked away for years.
I aim to work with these new insights and begin to integrate them and bring healthy power back into your life.
Reduce Anxiety
Why Coaching is for you?
Set up intentions
Easy pre-retreat
drugs detox
Provide safety in case
of mental problems
"afterglow" effect
Make a change
in everyday life
Are you ready to get your life back on track?
Interested in finding life's deeper meaning and what your role is in it?
Have you found yourself reaching for things to dull or numb your pain from the past?
Would you like to go beyond that and live your most fulfilling life yet?

I'd like to help you thrive.
Amanda Decker
֍Psychedelic Integration Coach with a specialization in Harm Reduction
֍ Recovery/Addiction Coach
֍ Cognitive Behavioral Coach
֍ Ambassador for
Heroic Hearts Project
Where you put your focus determines the path you will take. People tend to live a conditional life and without even realizing it, create a set of limiting beliefs that guide their life. I want to work with you to destroy those limiting beliefs, help you process your past traumas, and guide you towards a more fulfilling and open life.

I will work with you during an initial consult to see how best to help you discover your life's hidden meaning.

I specialise in:

· Harm Reduction Education
· Psychedelic Assessments
· Psychedelic Consultations
· Crisis Intervention Support
· Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
· Pre/Post Integration Sessions
· Spiritual Emergence Coaching (Breath Work Technique)

Besides being a coach, Amanda Decker is US airforce veteran
and an ambassador for Heroic Hearts Project.
As well she is a founder of Andea Experience
The path to our true self starts through a journey within. An examination of our thoughts, habits, patterns, and past can lead us to an understanding of our current state and help us to build a strong foundation for an enlightened future.

What my clients say:

New York, USA, 2021
Working with Amanda Decker I can honestly say it was one of the the best decisions of my life. I did not anticipate the level of care, degree of concern, and expertise she provided and I was treated as if I were a friend she has had for years. Throughout our work together I felt understood and never judged. Amanda carefully balances a clinical background and a compassionate approach. Amanda was there for me every step of the way.
Emma Teddy
Sydney, Australia, 2021
Before going to my first retreat with Entheogen, I suffered from anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression. I had seen a psychologist for 6 months (which really helped me) and had been doing lots of meditation and mindfulness, but the daily anxiety would not go away. I also tried medication (SSRI's) which did reduce some symptoms, but I was still suffering emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically.

I spoke with Amanda a couple of times over Zoom before arriving in Spain. I felt so comfortable talking with her, she was kind and honest and was genuinely looking forward to helping me. I felt that she understood the gravity of my situation and she gave me confidence that Ayahuasca was the best thing to do. And man, was she right.
Ayahuasca helped me learn so much about myself and my anxiety, in ways I couldn't really describe. I could try to describe my experience, but the description would be far too long and probably very hard to understand, so I won't. But what's most important is that Aya helped me, and since that amazing (and hard) week in Spain, I have almost had no anxiety, the darkness in my brain has disappeared and the panic attacks are nonexistent. I also have a very clear idea of what I need to be working on and doing regularly to maintain this new state of being.

Amanda is an angel; it is honestly the best word to describe her. She is kind, professional, authentic and is an incredible healer herself. She made me feel safe when things became scary: she held my hand, reminded me that everything was okay and to be thankful for what Aya was showing me. On one of the ceremonies, I "became" a sort of feline, I called Amanda over and said whilst laughing: "Amanda, omg, I am a cat vomiting in a bowel!" and she laughed and said: "yes you are a cat, remember why you are here". This sums her up perfectly to me, she is grounded and serious and will guide you to where you need to go, but she is also light-hearted and funny and will steer you away from anything too dark, the perfect person to take you on this adventure. Thank you for changing my life for the better, I can't wait to see you again. <3
Working with Amanda has been one of the smartest spiritual decisions I have ever made for myself. Faced with many daunting uncertainties, I had no idea in which direction my life was going. Fortunately, I had found Amanda and was excited to work with her. Amanda is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they're in at the time. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, patient and insightful. In every session she guided me to speak from my inner being and to claim ownership of my life. I make good stuff happen for myself, and for the first time in my life, I put my needs first. What a transformation I have experienced from working with Amanda!
United Kingdom
Hi Amanda,Thank you so much for everything this week. There are no words to describe your kindness and light and my gratitude. The best experience of my life and i'm so grateful to you, boris and Sasha. Please never stop doing what you're doing because if you make the same impact on everyone as you did me you're saving lives. We need you. Thank you again and hope we will cross paths again. All my love and gratitude. Issy xxxxx

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