brings wisdom

ANDEA believes in professional support for your practice with Entheogen.
Our mission is to guide you on the way of self-discovering and help you to prepare or integrate your past/future experiences with Entheogen.

Our team of certified therapists and coaches will make sure you are getting results from your practice and have your intentions fulfilled.


Founder of ANDEA
Amanda Decker has lived a life of service. Her mission has been to help others learn to heal themselves. She believes that everyone has the inner strength to heal their bodies and minds. She began in the fitness industry, as a fitness instructor, helping others to improve their health and wellness. From there, she served in the Air National Guard, taking part in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. After these experiences, Amanda knew she needed to take care of herself as well. She took some time off, traveled the world, and sought to broaden her mind to techniques and practices that she could use to heal her mind, body, and spirit.

After amassing this knowledge, and reaping the benefits for herself, she once again focused on bringing these teachings and techniques to others. She realized that experiences that she endured, before her personal wellness journey, were not unique to her, and others might be looking for a path to betterment as well. While traveling, she studied healing techniques from around the globe. During her time in India, she studied Ayurveda and searched for ways to heal from post-traumatic stress.

In 2020, Amanda studied yoga and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bali and became a certified trauma sensitive yoga and fitness instructor. Additionally, she became a certified life coach and psychedelic integration coach, specializing in the preparation and post-integration of the psychedelic experience.
Two years ago, Amanda found Ayahuasca to be a powerful medicine for trauma. This made her decide to start facilitating retreats all over the world.

Amanda is excited to share the wealth of information she has gained and share her journey to healing.